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Customer Reviews

Went there on St Valentine's Day. They had reserved our table. We ordered SAW MAI, they brought SOUPE MAI. When we told the waiter, he started arguing that we were in the wrong.
Food was absolutely horrible. They used frozen mixed vegetables in our fried rice instead of fresh vegetables. They could have used fresh carrots and cabbage instead which is cheap and would would have been much better.
I ordered a boiled noodle with chicken and eggs. The noodle was over boiled and soggy. The chicken was so sweet in a rich tomato sauce and I could not eat it with the noodles as the sauce does not go with mauritian boiled noodles.
The crab soup we ordered was bland and poorly seasoned.
The saw mai they brought later was again very bland and poorly seasoned.
They do not serve or allow alcohol consumption. For those who enjoy an aperitif or a glass of wine, bad luck.
When i asked for the bill, i was told I needed to go and pay over the counter. I had to leave my table to go and pay. I waited for 15 mins before someone attended to me.
Poor staffing, poor management and coordination was evident resulting in pathetic service.
My child joined Hampton Primary School in 2015. So far, I am very happy with her progress. Her English has improved greatly, school gives balance amount of homework. Teachers are helpful, my child enjoys all the extra curricular activities. Overall, very satisfied.
Laurent F .
Great quality service and very nice renderings
Recommendable !
Keep it up:)
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