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Customer Reviews

Cindy van Zyl
I am very dissapointed with the service to order water. After numerous phone calls and people promising to phone me back...i still have not yet recieved my water. This is totally unexceptable
Danielle Dupre
Our visit to Casela Nature and Leisure Park was a very disappointing experience for my siblings and myself. After being rudely searched for food items, we queued for half an hour to purchase our entry tickets. We had to find our own way to the safari departure by asking visitors and staff who provided confusing information. After a 40 minute walk, we finally got on the Safari bus in a pouring rain. All the window seats were wet and provided no shelter from the rain. We managed to see a few oryxes, ostriches, a couple of white rhinos and two zebras. The information supplied from the tour guide was very superficial. However, the worst part of the safari was when the bus hit one of the zebras under the protesting screams of the visitors. When I asked the tour guide if the driver and him realised that they had hit one if the zebras, we were told that it could not have been avoided.

Our visit to Casela Nature and leisure park was a big disappointment due to the inefficiency, unprofessionalism and rudeness of its personnel and the absence of signs. Needless to say that we will not come back to this unwelcoming park.
Always available, always on time, affordable price. I recommend his service to whoever in need.